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  International seminar

“Regional Authorities against the digital divide
DIEGO, a replicable model of inclusive eGovernment ”
(Committee of the Regiones, Brussels, Belgium)
Publi authorities are looking forward to be in direct contact with their citizens, expanding communication channels and promoting the inclusion of all social groups and sectors.
This claim of the European Regional and Local Authorities is supported by the guidelines set by the European Commission in the Digital Agenda for Europe, whose main purpose is to define the role to be played by information and communication technology (ICT 's) in Europe 2020.
DIEGO is organizing this seminar to present policies and trends of the European Digital Agenda affecting European public administrations, especially those to create a direct contact with their citizens, taking into account the digital inclusion.
During the seminar, tools and strategies will be explained in order to help public administrations in the economic and technologic effort which is necessary to establish and maintain digital platforms.
From this perspective, SMEs can be great allies for the development and implementation of e-Government virtual platforms, as shown in the European project DIEGO, which will be presented as an effective method to promote inclusion through the use of new technologies.
Addressed to:
  • Administrative Entities: Local, Regional and National Authorities; Associations and platforms related to Administration.
  • User Associations: Associations of Citizens, particularly those interested in digital inclusion and in the relationship between citizens and administrations.
  • Companies and Business Associations whose activities are related to the development of ICTs.




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