Are you looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands?

Are you looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands? Don’t look any further! EasyStart Office is your solution! Their goal is to offer the small business owner all the advantages of having your own office, without the disadvantages. They try to do everything they can to develop their locations and community for a pleasant workplace and customer-oriented services, like a virtual office in the Netherlands. They have virtual offices in different cities in the Netherlands, for the entrepreneurs who only benefit from a representative registration address. For them, EasyStart Office aims to constantly innovate their high-quality service, thereby improving their locations and services.

Questions about EasyStart Office

You may have a lot of questions regarding the services of EasyStart Office. You can contact EasyStart Office for all your questions about having a virtual office in the Netherlands, but maybe you can find your answers on their website or down here below. Some of the frequently asked questions are:

  1. Is the registration address valid for the Chamber of Commerce / Official registration address? The answer is yes, the addresses from EasyStart Office are according to all official regulations to official register your firm on.
  2. How do I change my address at the Chamber of Commerce? To change your address at the Chamber of Commerce, you first need to rent the contract from EasyStart Office. Then you can submit an address change with the Chamber of Commerce to your virtual office in the Netherlands. In case you have a new company, you need to provide the KvK with the rental contract.
  3. Is it possible to register multiple companies on your address? Of course it is possible to register multiple virtual offices at one address. You can contact EasyStart Office for a special offer for an address for your holding structure.
  4. May I use the address on my website? Yes. You can use the registration address of your virtual office in the Netherlands on your website, printing, logo’s, invoices, with the Chamber of Commerce and to receive your official mail.

A virtual office in the Netherlands: the customers, the services and the locations

A lot of entrepreneurs choose the location addresses from EasyStart Office to realize a professional image for their company. When their customers have confidence in you, the boss, as an independent professional with their own office, it will be easy for you as a (small or starting) entrepreneur to make he next step in your company. EasyStart Office also offers different services. They offer coworking memberships, registration addresses and flexible lease agreements for entrepreneurs at our representative locations. All locations are very well equipped with a nice, fast internet connection and all service costat included in our coworking packages. EasyStart Office owns three different buildings, in two different cities within the Netherlands, where you can register your virtual office. Two of those buildings are in Rotterdam and one of them is in Amsterdam. All of the locations from EasyStart Office comply with the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce and they comply with the statutory requirements of Dutch AML, KYC and GDPR regulations. This means you can be sure of a qualitative and safe service from