Open a company in the Netherlands

If you want to open a company in the Netherlands and you are not a Dutch resident, there is a lot to consider and arrange. To make sure you do this according to the right procedures, you can contact Intercompany Solutions. They can assist you in many ways to follow the steps needed to start a business in the Netherlands. Next to the regular procedures, you also should be aware of the offices you need to register and the company structures existing in the Netherlands. Perhaps you already did your research, but to know which structure suits your company can be difficult to figure out. This is a decision you might need advice in and probably from an expert who is familiar with the businesses in the Netherlands. Intercompany Solutions can get you in contact with a professional who can guide you to open a company in the Netherlands. With their network and expertise they give many entrepreneurs the chance to expand their business to other countries. Thanks to their efforts to open a company in the Netherlands is more than a job, but you can enjoy this next step in your career.

The freedom to open a company in the Netherlands

For every structure there are different procedures to open a company in the Netherlands. The first step is to be really sure you choose the right company structure. When you have chosen the legal form or you are still in doubt, Intercompany Solutions can inform you about the due liabilities, taxes and other regulations applying to every company structure in the Netherlands. You can also find this information on their website, next to all the other information about their services, background, expertise and experience. Luckily the Netherlands is eager to welcome new entrepreneurs who show interest in their economy and culture. The international business is very important for this country and they are known for their ability to contact good economic partners worldwide. This is one main reason to open a company in the Netherlands. Whether you open a small company with one or two companions, or a small/medium company known in the Netherlands as a ‘Midden en Klein Bedrijf’ abbreviated as MKB or a large company like a big enterprise also known as a BV or NV in the Netherlands. They welcome any initiative to open a company in the Netherlands you prefer, al long as it is according to the law and legislations of the countries.

The services of Intercompany Solutions

Although you can be very inventive as an entrepreneur, following the right arrangements to open a company in the Netherlands can be very time consuming. This is why contacting Intercompany Solutions can be very helpful. They can even look for an office location for your company. To register your business in the Netherlands a location address is one of the obligations. When you are not familiar with the country, this can be very difficult. Ask Intercompany Solutions for any arrangement necessary to open a company in the Netherlands, like one of the following services:

  • Open a bank account
  • Obtaining a value-added tax number
  • Secretarial services
  • Accounting services
  • Taxations services

Thanks to their wide network they know the best experts who can guide you through the business legislations in the Netherlands. They will not only introduce you to the professionals who are familiar with the Dutch law, but also with the rules and procedures in your own country. With the service of Intercompany Solutions you will experience the possibilities to open a company in the Netherlands, for now and the future.