What is PTFE glass?

I am a real noob when it comes to all technical and chemical stuff. But, it can be easy sometimes to know a little more about things I don’t know so much about. Last week, I had to think about glass for my new house. Ofcourse, this is a subject I don’t know about so I had to find out the differences between different kinds of glass. I will guide you though my search for the best glass… I came to know more about PTFE glass. At Hardick and hardickptfe I found a lot of information and answers to my questions. Ofcourse this is not the glass I will use in my new house, but it is really interesting what this kind of PTFE glass can offer for example businesses. I found out a little more about this interesting subject. 

Here we go: PTFE glass!

I really found out a lot about PTFE glass and what it is. It can be used for a lot of applications. A lot of businesses can benefit from PTFE glass, and this is why

  • Bacterial growth can not occur on this product
  • It is safe for example for packaging food
  • It is resistant to moisture

These are already some pro’s for using PTFE glass. But what exactly is it, I was questioning to myself? Probably you are thinking the same. Well, PTFE glass is a special kind of glass that can be used especially for businesses. The most important thing about PTFE glass is that is has some chemical features that are different from other fabrics, and therefore it is used a lot in for  example businesses that are looking for innovative solutions. 

At Hardick they can help you 

At Hardick they can help you with the questions you have about this PTFE glass. I took a look on their website and now I know a lot more about the company and about what they can do and offer. Especially about PTFE glas. They can offer a lot of product and ship all over the World! The home base of Hardick is Enschede, a city in the east of the Netherlands. But Hardick ships to Australia, China and Japan easily. They are used to doing business with those countries. They produce and supply to order. So if you want to know more about options and possible solutions for your company, don’t hessitate and contact Hardick on their website. The team is devided into five different teams, each have their own specialism. They have production, technical services, administration, sales and management. On the website of Hardick you can request for more information, or even request a sample. So when you for example want to look at a sample of PTFE glass, you can go to the website and request easily for a sample of this material. Hardick BV is ISO certified, and they work for a lot of industries. For example the food industry, textile, carpet and plastics industry. Next to PTFE glass they offer also a lot of other PTFE products on their website! Take a look! 

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