Where to get the best guitar straps

Playing a musical instrument is a wonderful thing and everyone who does this for a hobby or maybe even as a profession knows this. Your instrument is like your baby. There might be situations where you take better care of you instrument than yourself! One thing is for certain: you want the absolute best for it. Do you have a guitar (or maybe even more than one)? We have the website for you that you need to pay a visit today! It is the website of the company Overdrive Straps. What they do is make high quality (but very affordable) straps. To someone who does not play an instrument it might seem silly why you would devote an entire store to something as small as guitar straps. Why not sell guitars and put these under accessories? We will tell you why! Because it is an art to make the best possible guitar straps. It is definitely something not everyone can do. At Overdrive Straps they do know this and they can provide you with some amazing guitar straps.

  • Seatbelt straps
  • Retro straps
  • Leather straps

The seatbelt straps are the most basic form. When you are just starting out, this might be the best option for you. It is not as expensive as the other guitar straps, but you will still have a very beautiful strap to support your guitar while your playing it.

What guitar straps will you choose?

Choosing the strap you are going for might not be easy. Maybe you have a very clear idea of what you like and what you want. This makes it a whole lot easier, but when you do not have the faintest idea of what is out there, let the website of Overdrive Straps be your inspiration. It is the place to be when it comes to straps and not just because the straps are made of the highest quality materials, but mostly because of the variable options you can choose from. There is multiple colours and designs, but you can personalize your guitar straps even further. In The Netherlands we have a lot of tall people. Playing with an ordinary strap might cause problems for you because they are not long enough. No problem when you are ordering guitar straps at Overdrive Straps. They will customize that for you. You can also change the hardware and leather colour. Do you want bigger holes in the leather ends for installed strap lock pegs? No problem! The guys from Overdrive Straps will do it for you!

Ordering your guitar straps

Have you decided what guitar straps you want? Then it is time to place your order! This is easy and does hardly take up anytime. After you have chosen the strap that you want and you have customized it to your wishes you simply put in the quantity that you desire (starting from 1) and hit “order”. You can see the total price of your order of straps here. Do you have a discount code? Lucky you! This is the place for you to enter it and claim that discount. After that all you need to do is provide Overdrive Straps with you correct personal details, pay the order and the guys will get to work for you. All the guitar straps are handmade. This is one of the reasons why the quality is so good and why so many people order their guitar straps here. If high quality, beautiful designed straps is what you are looking for as well, then this is the website! Read more